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Vimix Invetsments LTD is one of the most respected tour operators in Israel in the field of high-end tourism, individual travel, business and corporate tourism, leasing and sale of real estate since 1997. In the year 2002 Vimix Investments LTD has joinded to it two more different businesses – Lis Travels&Tours and Videotours LLC, which were consolidated to form Vimix Group. Since 2002, Vimix Group has continued to partner with leading travel companies to expand the company\'s network, which currently extends to different countries. Today, Vimix Group is a top travel management company managing the travel programs for some of the world’s leading corporate brands. Our portfolio of clients includes a broad selection of multi-national, national, regional and local companies across every industry and specialization as well as individual clients. Vimix Group global business spans more than 90 countries. Our worldwide reach means we have a global network of experts and coordinated systems in place to provide clients with world-best prices for any travel route at any time of the year. Our mission is the highest quality of service. Everywhere. Without compromises. The company\'s reputation, of course, depends on the competence of its employees. The team Vimix Group is composed of top-notch specialists with higher economic and tourism education and international IATA diplomas, that allows us to provide a decent level of service. All the years we have not in the least depart from the core values of our corporate philosophy: freedom of choice for the client; the maximum guarantee of security on the route; reliability and stability.
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